Suomi 520L rowboat

Suomi 520L rowboat

High quality 2-shell construction Rowboat is easy to keep clean, because the smooth inside surface.
There is the rubber (PVC) list on gunwale to protect the boat, and giving the high quality look. Plastic keel slat is including on standard, which protects the keel (gelcoat) in case of rocks etc., and coming to the beach.


Technical information


– Length app. 520 cm
– Beam app. 148 cm
– Weight app. 130 kg
– Engine, max. 4 kW/5 hp, Short- and Long Shaft
– The middle thwart is a lockable storage, removable when needed.
– The front thwart is a lockable storage
– Max load 4 persons
– Two rowing places
– Walking and sitting areas are grained (no slippery)
– Keel protector included. 5 mm thick plastic slat