Catamaran Boats

Emphasis on high quality and premium stowage.

Motor boats

Emphasis on high quality and premium stowage.

Row boats

Emphasis on high quality and premium stowage.


Emphasis on high quality.


Emphasis on high quality.

Why choose fiberglass boat / fiberglass product.?

  • Budget, but durable material. Strong and weather resistant.
  • When the fiberglass product has been manufactured by real professionals, the laminate doesn’t soak up water even the gelcoat surface is scratced.
  • Easy to repair, even by DIY method. There’s No need to move the boat to repair shop every time.
  • Very durable against UV-radiation.
  • Doesn’t change volume when temperature changes. Doesn’t brittle in cold climate / weather.
  • Can be repaired almost eternally.
  • Almost eternal lifetime, when follow owner’s- / instruction manual.
  • Easy to re-paint, or change the colour. (Can’t do for eg. ABS plastic boats)
  • Corrosion resistant.

All our boats are made in reinforced fiberglass.
Although our boats has a smooth inside surface, they still are made in reinforced fiberglass. (Not eg. ABS plastic.)

That helps a lot for keeping the inside nice and clean.

Our boats has not any water soak up materials between two shells (outer shell, and inner shell), like any foams.
There is only air, what keeps the boat afloat, between two shells.

All our boats are manufactured by according CE-regulations, and they afloat even full of water.

Our small catamaran boats are exceptionally stable and comfortable to use for any condition.