Suomi 465 CC / SC motor boats

Suomi 465 CC / SC

The model CC means Central Console, and SC means Side Console, when the console locates in the right-hand side of the boat.

Suomi 465 motorboat construction is 2-shell reinforced fiberglass. Without any material what could absorb water. Self-draining.
Suomi 465 CC / SC is designed and constructed in accordance with CE standards.
CE-category: C

The boats hull is designed to using at seashore, so You don’t need to be afraid of rough weather.
Suomi 465 CC is fast with in 50 hp engine, but behaves still comfortable and safely.


Technical information


Self-draining (rainwater).

CE-category: C

– Length app. 462 cm
– Beam app. 185 cm
– Hull’s V-angle 17 degrees

– Weight app. 320 kg
– Engine recommendation 30 – 50 Hp, long-shaft
– Capacity, 5 persons

Standard equipment