Nuotta-ahkio, fiberglass sledge

Nuotta-ahkio, fiberglass sledge

For professional use produced large sledge, eg. pulling for snowmobile.
Tall front protects for snow dust getting to the ware space (eg. seines).
Gelcoat surface protects for freezing in wet snow.

Produced only by order, an the colour will agreed at the same time.
Delivery time usually app. 2 weeks.

Colours: (usually) white or green.


Technical information


– Material: reinforced fiberglass
– Length app. 3700 mm
– Inside height app. 290 mm
– Front height app. 55 cm
– Inside width app. 790 mm
– Weight app. 80 kg

Don’t include pulling beam in standard.
The place for the pulling beam is already forced