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All our products are made in Finland, and the material is reinforced fiberglass.
Our product range includes motorboats, rowingboats, jolly boat, and sledges.

All our boats are designed and constructed in accordance with CE standards.
(Except jolly boat, not needed under 2,5 m).

There is few videos on the "NEWS" page.

2-shell high class models has arrived.
Have a look.

- Suomi 410T motorboat
- Suomi 420 rowingboat
- Suomi 470 rowingboat
- Suomi 520L rowingboat
- Suomi 440 RDL motorboat, with central- or side console
- Suomi 465 CC/SC motorboat, with central- or side console
- Suomi 465 TC motorboat twin console. NEW 2017 shown at Helsinki International Boat Show
- Suomi 475 Cat motorboat / rowingboat, catamaran.
- Suomi 430 Cat motorboat, catamaran NEW 2015

See more photos in Gallery section.

Suomi-veneet Oy is practising responsible environment policy. We recycle all waste from our production and the rawmaterial packages.
Stena Recycling Oy and Lassila & Tikanoja Oyj are taking care of recycling operation.



Suomi 475 Cat fiberglass, rowing- / motorboat

Suomi 475 Cat fiberglass, rowingboat / motorboat.

Real small "Catamaran" boat.

Very stable and comfortable small Catamaran boat for many actions. Suprisingly easy for rowing, because of two narrow keels. Behaving smoothly in waves and is exceptionally direction stable.

CE-Certified (VTT Expert Services Oy)

Available colours are, white and green.
The inside colour is grey since year 2016.

See more photos in "Gallery" section.

Our partner, Veikkoset Oy (www.veikkoset.fi) are manufacturing universal sails for rowing boats, and the Suomi 475 Cat goes very well with those sails.

See videos from here.


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